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Popular Jewelry Periods and Famous Jewelry Designers

What is popular jewelry designers? In this article , we will discuss about the most popular jewelry Periods and Brand

Georgian Period

The Georgian Period covers most of the 18th century and into the early to mid 19th century.  During the interim, England was governed by a total of four King George regimes.  During this period, handmade jewelry was very popular, and the designs and fashion had a theme that came from nature (insects, flowers, birds, trees, and leaves).  Another common theme for costume jewelry and fashion jewelry contained ribbon and bow motifs.  In addition to a delicate design, you will find jewelry with moving parts than would quiver as the person moved with the jewelry.  During the 18th century, a discovery of diamonds took full flight in Brazil.  This resulted in the creation of jewelry (including earrings) that combined diamonds with colored gems such as aquamarine and pink topaz.  Even today, aquamarine and pink topaz are popular gems in earrings.  You can also find aquamarine and topaz in many wholesale jewelry stores given the ability to mass produce.

Georgian Rose Cut Diamond Ring and The popular costume jewelry brands

Popular jewelry designers in Mid -18th Century

During the mid-18th century, glass, steel, marcasites, and rhinestones took center stage with jewelry wearers.  A gold jewelry copycat known as Pinchback was created by combining zinc and copper.  For those who could not afford gold jewelry, Pinchback became a popular substitute for earrings, rings, and necklaces. You can imagine that Pinchback  was a nice way to save some money when shopping for wedding jewelry. However, I can’t imagine that the bride was wearing a tiara with pinch back given that silver jewelry was the common design for a tiara.  On the other hand, the general population would not begin wearing silver jewelry pieces until the latter half of the 18th century.

Unique wedding rings for women and most popular jewelry stores

During the latter part of the 18th century, intaglios and carved gemstones became popular and even nostalgic as evidenced by the use of bows, doves, and hearts.  The influence of France is seen at the beginning of the 19th century as foliate patterns and scrolls became popular.  Other popular designs included cameos, mosaics, amethysts, pearls (especially in necklaces, earrings, and costume jewelry).

What is the most Popular jewelry brands?

Victorian Period

This period began with the reign of Queen Victoria in 1837, but jewelers from several years preceding the start of her reign will include similar design elements.  Victoria reigned for almost 75 years, so the jewelry of this period covers an array of styles. Among the famous names of this period include Hancock, Giuliano, Falize, Boucheron, and Tiffany.

Popular jewelry trends

Jewelry from the Victorian Period was light-weight and included the use of small colored stones and pearls.  Designs consisted of scrollwork, multicolored gold jewelry, and floral spray patterns.  Handmade jewelry was still a popular design method during this period.What is popular silver jewelry brands?

Antique style diamond engagement rings

The Gothic Revival movement took full force in the 1850s.  During this time, there was a wide use of gemstones that came in multiple shapes, colors, and sizes. Earrings and necklaces were especially worn.  At this time, larger was better.  This era also included jewelry with colored gems in heavy gold jewelry.  Gold necklaces and brooches with festoons and fringe became popular.  Diamonds were also very popular.

Antique diamond engagement ring and most popular jewelry brands for unique design

After Prince Albert had passed away in and around 1861, jewelry was worn for mourning purposes.  Crafted from black onyx (often with seed pearls), the design was meant to be gloomy.  Heavy silver jewelry also became a type of fashion jewelry for daytime wear.For more information You can find out most popular jewelry stores via online .Please visit www.ringreview.org to read more  wedding rings and engagement rings reviews.

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Unique Wedding Rings For Women And Most Popular Jewelry Stores
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Antique Diamond Engagement Ring And Most Popular Jewelry Brands For Unique Design
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Georgian Rose Cut Diamond Ring And The Popular Costume Jewelry Brands
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